I knew the NP idea was going to be great but not this wonderful. Honestly had such a great weekend working with Tash. She was more than helpful, super nice and ball (sic) of knowledge. Could not of asked for a better experience. Patients were seen quickly, treated quicker and out the door before they would of normally got initial treatment. Patients had great feedback on the new model.  I just wanted to let you know how amazing it was to work this weekend and I would be more than happy to work every weekend if this is going to be the standard!

Registered Nurse UCC Seymour Health

I would like to thank you all it has been amazing working with you and I am learning a lot. It’s not a common practice these days to express to mentors how much they are appreciated and how wonderful it is to meet and work with such skilled nursing leaders. So I just wanted to express what an amazing job you guys have done supporting this facility in its difficult times and the impression meeting all of you has had on refreshing my enthusiasm and motivation.
So thank you

Brad Pickering, Nurse Practitioner/Unit Nurse Manager, Otway Health

Very happy with NPs compassion, caring, understanding and knowledge, also a wonderful person

Patient, UCC Seymour Health