About Us

Nurse Practitioner Locum Solutions (NPLS) is a new innovative service able to deliver health care by senior, experienced and dedicated nurse practitioners. We have an extensive background in emergency and acute care, clinical leadership, research and academia. Our team have worked in all facets of emergency and generalist nursing streams and facilitate leadership among the health care team by role modelling clinical excellence and empowering staff to work at the best of their abilities.

We aim to deliver care where it is most needed and adapt services to suit the community requirements in rural and regional health services, whilst also passionately promoting the underutilised potential of the nurse practitioner role.

Our philosophy is to provide high quality, patient focused care by Nurse Practitioners to improve health outcomes for the patient, their family and the community.

We have a proven record of efficient and effective delivery of on call services to our existing clients.

Why Choose Us?

We have developed a recruitment strategy which ensures the employment of dedicated, highly skilled and experienced NPs. We ensure that our nurse practitioner’s have:

  1. Current registration as a registered nurse (without restrictions) with AHPRA
  2. Endorsement as a nurse practitioner (without restrictions)
  3. Up to date continuing professional development activities

We also have a robust employee performance review process to ensure maintenance of the most effective, highly qualified and dedicated members of staff are available to meet the needs of an on call health service.

The benefits to Health Services are:

  1. Reduction in the administration costs of advertising, interviewing, checking and recruiting appropriately qualified NPs
  2. Reduction on costs of directly employing NPs to the service (reduction in on-costs associated with direct employment)
  3. Security in the knowledge that the service will be catered to each period of on call