Dr. Natasha Jennings NP, PhD

Tash has been a NP since the first implementation projects were funded by DHHS in 2004. Tash is a committed and passionate member of the healthcare team and has as her goal the improvement of patient experiences. Tash has also become a clinical leader in development of advanced practice skills for RNs in the ED setting and developed such programs as nurse-initiated analgesia and nurse initiated pathology ordering that has been rolled out at a major urban emergency and trauma centre. Tash has a proven track record investigating the clinical service delivery outcomes of NP services and has mentored new NP candidates/students during their journey to endorsement. Tash works clinically as a NP locum to ensure the philosophy of NPLS is met by all our staff. Tash was awarded the 2018 Australian Nurse Practitioner of the year award by the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP).



Tash Our Nurse Practitioners main responsibility is to provide flexible, innovative and evidence-based health solutions in a variety of clinical settings. Our Nurse Practitioners are experienced with years of expert practice in both urban and rural settings. We work to the top of our scope of practice as dedicated health professionals – using initiative, skills and common sense to improve health outcomes for our patients