The NPLS Directors have numerous years of experience in the delivery of nursing care, particularly in the ED and Urgent Care settings. The NPLS Directors have also been involved in research and policy development to improve nurse practitioner implementation and integration into many health care settings.

Dr. Natasha Jennings NP, PhD

Tash has been a NP since the first implementation projects were funded by DHHS in 2004. Tash is a committed and passionate member of the healthcare team and has as her goal the improvement of patient experiences. Tash has also become a clinical leader in development of advanced practice skills for RNs in the ED setting and developed such programs as nurse-initiated analgesia and nurse initiated pathology ordering that has been rolled out at a major urban emergency and trauma centre. Tash has a proven track record investigating the clinical service delivery outcomes of NP services and has mentored new NP candidates/students during their journey to endorsement. Tash works clinically as a NP locum to ensure the philosophy of NPLS is met by all our staff. Tash was awarded the 2018 Australian Nurse Practitioner of the year award by the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP).

Dr. Grainne Lowe NP, PhD

Grainne has been an NP since the first implementation projects were funded by DHHS in 2004. Grainne has been involved in progressing the NP role across multiple healthcare organisations, mentoring new NP candidates in transition to endorsement and advising on policy and management of NP roles. Grainne is an experienced member of organisational Scope of Practice Committees, advising on the development and expansion of the NP role in healthcare organisations. Grainne has also been involved in research activities reporting on scope of practice and policy perspectives of the NP role. Grainne has; worked in a variety of EDs as an NP; worked in Urgent Care Centres with an alternative approach to that of a traditional ED service; and worked for a number of years’ as a nurse in a primary care setting; all of which put Grainne is a position to understand multiple healthcare perspectives. Grainne has been involved with recruitment processes for NP and other roles within healthcare organisations. Grainne has been involved in professional representation of NPs nationally and is currently a key driver of the Transforming Healthcare campaign, supported by the Federal Department of Health.

Dr. Kathleen Tori NP, PhD

Kathy commenced her NP role in 2006 and was endorsed in 2008. Kathy’s NP role at Bendigo Health, was one supported by DHHS to improve patient outcomes in that setting Kathy has a variety of experience in both clinical and educational sectors with regard to advanced practice nursing and has coordinated a number of Masters programs in the areas of Acute, Emergency and Critical Nursing Care and Nurse Practitioner. Kathy is currently employed as an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing for the University of Tasmania and Associate Head, Learning and Teaching. Kathy has been involved in researching the NP role over several years and has published a number of papers and government reports looking at the impact of NP delivered health care, particularly in rural areas.